Boston Magazine’s Most Popular Long Reads of 2015

Grab some hot cocoa, snag a plush pillow, and dive into our top 12 long-form stories of the year.

For those who think a 500-word blog post is “TL;DR,” this one probably isn’t for you. But for readers who are readying themselves for a nice long winter break and some good reads to fill the void, consider this, a list of some of our most-read long reads of 2015.

game of fear

— 1 —

Game of Fear

What if a stalker had an army? Zoe Quinn’s ex-boyfriend was obsessed with destroying her reputation—and thousands of online strangers were eager to help.


— 2 —


How the craft-beer movement abandoned Jim Koch (and his beloved Sam Adams).

the monster next door

— 3 —

The Monster Next Door

Beatrice Munyenyezi claimed she was a refugee from the Rwandan genocide. Federal agent Brian Andersen suspected she was someone far more sinister.

spoiled rotten

— 4 —

Spoiled Rotten

We’re lavishing our kids with unwarranted praise, trying to be their BFFs instead of their parents, and giving them anything they ask for. Where have we gone wrong?

our kids dont belong in school

— 5 —

Our Kids Don’t Belong in School

More and more of Boston’s smartest families are opting out of the education system to homeschool their children. Is this the new model for creating elite kids?

astral sojourn

— 6 —

Astral Sojourn

The untold story of how Van Morrison fled record-industry thugs, hid out in Boston, and wrote one of rock’s greatest albums.

the murder in exam room 15

— 7 —

The Murder in Exam Room 15

He expected doctors to perform a miracle. When they couldn’t, he sought revenge at the Brigham. Are hospitals the new front line in the escalating battle between patients and healthcare?


— 8 —


He has billions of dollars, the winningest NFL team this millennium, and a reputation for boundless generosity. So why is Robert Kraft so desperate for our attention?

does boothbay have a vodka problem

— 9 —

Does Boothbay Have a Vodka Problem?

Booze king Paul Coulombe wants to upgrade a coastal Maine town into a luxury destination. He says he just wants to save a dying hamlet. But his neighbors think he’s putting them on the road to ruin.

the greatest game youve never seen

— 10 —

The Greatest Game You’ve Never Seen

How did a sleepy academy in a rural New England town spawn the best high school basketball team in the country?

this police chief is a junkies new best friend

— 11 —

This Police Chief Is a Junkie’s New Best Friend

After 25 years of fighting a losing war on drugs, Gloucester Police Chief Leonard Campanello finally had enough. To save lives, he took matters into his own hands.


— 12 —


On the road, down the bottle, and across the border with Boston’s greatest competitive bagpipe band.


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