David Ortiz Regrets Announcing Retirement Before Start of Final Season

'If I had even imagined that it would be so difficult, I wouldn't have announced anything.'

David Ortiz

Photo via AP

Aside from smashing piñatas, David Ortiz’s final season has been a bit stressful.

The Red Sox slugger recently revealed to ESPN that he feels somewhat overwhelmed by all the attention that he’s getting over his retirement. Big Papi also admitted that he regrets making the announcement before the start of the 2016 MLB season.

“I’m too busy. I have too many things to do. I barely have time to do anything,” Ortiz told ESPN. “It’s very difficult for me. If I had even imagined that it would be so difficult, I wouldn’t have announced anything. There are too many people I have to pay attention to, and on top of that I have to prepare for a game.”

While the Boston sports icon is second-guessing the timing of his retirement announcement, he’s definitely not changing his mind about leaving the game after this year.

Despite racking up huge numbers this season, Ortiz said that his decision to walk away is final as his body is in constant, “severe” pain.

“Everything hurts,” he said. “It even hurts to think. Last time I reached second after a double, I almost called for a timeout so they would get me out of the game. I can barely run because my feet hurt so much. I am in severe pain.”

After all the memories he’s given to fans in Boston, Ortiz deserves a chance to relax and enjoy his final season before he sails off into the sunset for more pool parties with Rob Gronkowski.