New England Justice League, Unmasked!

Just in time for Boston Comic Con, we reveal our politicians’ true superhero identities.

politicians superheroes 1

Illustrations by David M. Buisán

Charlie Baker, The Deflector

Superpowers: Dodging controversy; racking up a 74 percent approval rating as a Republican in a blue state.

Maura Healey, Buzz Kill

Superpower: Vanquishing stoners. Want to legalize weed? Not happening on her watch, bub!

politicians superheroes 2

Illustrations by David M. Buisán

Marty Walsh, Labor Lad

Superpower: Summoning the mighty power of Boston’s unions. Archenemy: The Probe.

Elizabeth Warren, the 140-Character Assassin

Superpower: Firing up the base (and trolling Trump) from the sidelines.