Mayor Walsh Has Issued a Heat Emergency for Boston

And he gave the city a few tips on how to stay cool.

Not that you needed the mayor to tell you it’s hot outside, but Mayor Marty Walsh says it’s hot outside.

He declared a heat emergency in Boston starting Thursday and ending Saturday. The forecast over the next several days predicts temperatures that will reach or exceed 90 degrees. The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory for parts of southern New England, noting hot and humid weather is expected with heat index values between 100 and 105.

To help keep the public cool, Boston Centers for Youth & Families will be open as cooling areas. Anyone is welcomed to use one of the city’s community pools and/or bask in a community center’s air-conditioned glory.

Mayor Walsh also offered up a few heat-beating tips for his fellow Bostonians. He suggested wearing sunscreen and protective clothing, checking in on the elderly and neighbors susceptible to heat, drinking plenty of fluids, and limiting outdoor activity to morning and evening hours. Outdoor activities will probably be kept to a minimum on Friday and Saturday, as heavy rain is expected on both days.

If you’ve heeded Marty’s warnings, backstroked in the community pool, and still can’t beat the heat, consider consulting our list of ways to cool down.