Watch This Maine Lobsterman Save a Seal Pup from a Net

A video of the rescue has brightened a million people's days.

screenshots via Facebook/Krystal Gamage

A seal pup has a couple of lobstermen to thank for rescuing it from certain death after it found itself insnared in a net.

In a video of the rescue that saved this little guy’s life, a man identified by WCSH as Jeremy Willey, a fourth-generation lobsterman from Owls Head, a coastal Maine town south of Bar Harbor. Willey can be seen  in the clip methodically cutting away a net that surrounds the seal’s head like a blue-green mane.

Although it struggles a lot and is clearly frightened, Willey is able to get the seal loose, then drop it back in the water without causing any obvious injuries.

“The more I cut the more I could feel him relax every time I would cut more and more strands, and we just kept working away,” Willey tells WCSH, adding, “It’s pretty cool i think that people are having such a good reaction to it.”

The seal and Willey shared a tender moment, and then it was returned to the water, where it swam away.

The heartwarming clip has been shared widely, and by Tuesday morning it had been viewed more than a million times. It’s less than three minutes long and is guaranteed to improve your day.