Locally Grown: Driade Kosmo’s 100 Piazze Collection

Silver plated trays at the Morson Collection by Fabio Novembre recall Italy's finest piazzas.

Italy’s open squares, known as piazzas, are some of the most beautiful public spaces in the world. It’s where Italians meet and greet, and tourists get to get their bearings and soak up the architecture. Part souvenir, part collector’s piece, these silver plated brass trays at the Morson Collection, designed by Fabio Novembre for Driade Kosmo depict the country’s grandest piazzas in Rome, Florence, Milan, and Lucca (shown here, $1,223).

Here’s the Lucca piazza. Not a bad rendering, eh? For more of Novembre’s designs, see below.

The Stuart Weitzman shop in Rome. Wow–do you see any shoes? I just see gorgeousness.

Mr. Novembre: Does your beard trimmer come with an “Italian” setting?