Curb Appeal: Playing with a Large Scale Entry in the South End

A South End entry that's both large and inviting uses to-scale accessories and subtle accents.

South End

Photo by Danielle Ossher.

Tucked along a narrow side street, this South End doorway offers a warm, wide welcome—effortlessly embracing its oversized nature to create an intimate, chic look.

Generous double doors, a city-living novelty, are the focal point of the exterior; their strong presence is further reinforced by a coat of true black which is echoed throughout the entryway. Large panes of intricately detailed, frosted glass adorn each door, lifting the weightiness of the entry with a touch of visual interest and much-desired privacy.

Smartly selected accents and accessories play perfectly to the large scale entry and create an overall look that’s toned-down and inviting. A brass, flush mount light fixture keeps a low profile with its narrow, horizontal form. Modern, hairpin-skinny house numbers stand out nicely against the dark door without competing. To downplay the size of the entry, two, large, classic pedestal planters are strategically placed out by the edge of the landing while an embellished doormat fills the space between them.

For an oversized entry that charms, keep the foundation simple and subtle, then finish with to-scale accessories. A flush mount light, like the brass one below, offers a hint of substance and shine without establishing a competing focal point. Traditionally-styled, cast-iron planters (like the ones we’ve featured in the past) balance the height and substance of the doorway. Pair them with a detailed black rubber doormat, like the leaf-design below. Complete the look with modern house numbers, also pictured below, and place them directly on the door for added dimension.

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