These Are the Eight Smallest Two-Bedroom Condos for Sale in Boston

Tiny living quarters abound in Beacon Hill.

Photo via Engel & Volkers

Could you pare down all of your belongings to fit into 656 square feet or less? At these eight condos for sale, downsizing would be a way of life.

Real estate analytics firm NeighborhoodX identified the eight smallest two-bedroom condos on the market in Boston. The result is a list of extremely tiny abodes—the majority of them in Beacon Hill—ranging from 430 to 656 square feet in size. That’s pretty small for one person, never mind two people.

“These (condos) demonstrate the efficiency that can be designed into compact spaces, given that these two-bedrooms are the size of typical studios or one bedrooms,” says Constantine Valhouli, cofounder of NeighborhoodX.

The smallest condo of all is a 430-square-foot home on West Cedar Street in Beacon Hill. It has a compact kitchen with a tiny oven, as well as access to a roof deck. The largest home on the list is also in Beacon Hill. The recently renovated pad has a galley kitchen with exposed brick and an abundance of windows.

While the time-honored brick buildings of Beacon Hill aren’t exactly a new introduction to the housing market in Boston, the trend of living small has certainly caught on.

“These units, built over a long period of time, represent a possible next step for real estate development,” says Valhouli. “Something that offers much more efficiency and lifestyle (and the potential for a roommate to offset the rent) but using a smaller footprint.”