Covet: By Lassen’s “Mingle” Wool-Blend Sofa

Find it at Ouimillie.

by lassen mingle sofa

By Lassen “Mingle” wool-blend sofa, $2,999, Ouimillie. / Photograph by Julia Hopkins

It reads like folklore. Two brothers, Mogens and Flemming Lassen, born just one year apart in Copenhagen, grow up to be renowned architects and furniture designers, then die, in their eighties, within three years of each other. But their story doesn’t end there. In 2008, Mogens’s grandson and great-granddaughter started the design firm By Lassen with the goal of re-creating their family members’ iconic pieces—including this compact sofa, designed by Flemming in 1935 and available exclusively in Boston at the fashion and home-goods store Ouimillie. “It’s a modern approach to honoring older architectural elements,” says proprietor and interior designer Millicent Cutler. “And it fits two people quite comfortably.” The perfect excuse to invite your sibling over for a chat.