Wanted: One Chrismukkah Menu

1230063996I love it when Christmas and Chanukah overlap. Having been raised in a very multi-culti household, I adore seeing tree and menorah both aglow in the living room. It reminds me of home.

But it also makes it very hard to decide what to eat this week. Latkes or ham? Brisket or goose? Doughnuts or pumpkin custard? I’m sure the folks at the Globe would love for me to make some prize-winning noodle kugel. (Frankly, I prefer potatoes in mine.) Or maybe a buche de Noel?

Tonight I’ll be supping on liver, matzo ball soup, and fried things (the aforementioned potato pancakes, and beignets) at Eastern Standard’s Chanukah Party. But as far as home cooking goes, I have to confess that I’m better versed in Christmas favoritesgingerbread, fruitcake, eggnogthan Jewish delicacies.

So lend me a hand: if you were having a Chrismukkah dinner, what would you serve?

Sigh. Maybe I should just order Chinese.