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Beacon Hill Transformed

An architect-designer duo helps turn a dark and gloomy Beacon Hill home into a bright and airy European-style abode.

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Inside a Beacon Hill Townhouse With A Surprising Twist

Inside Boston brownstones, crisp white moldings are ceiling staples, but framing a room with the same color as its walls can be a welcome twist. At 117 […]


December Thieves Is Setting Up Shop in Beacon Hill

Trendy SoWa gift store December Thieves has announced it will open a second location at 88 Charles Street—the former home of Good and NOA— in […]

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On the Market: 79 West Cedar St., Beacon Hill

This fully renovated home is a unique blend of Beacon Hill charm with a little something different. The stunning first floor opens onto a living room complete […]

Home & Property

On The Market: 74 Beacon Street, Beacon Hill

With double parlors, six bedrooms, six full baths, three powder rooms, eight fireplaces, and an elevator to all six levels, The Benjamin Mansion is certainly […]

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On The Market: 5 Byron Street #5, Beacon Hill

“What is behind the door is totally a surprise,”Gibson Sotheby’s listing agent George Ballantyne, of this understated building in prestigious Beacon Hill. Acclaimed architect Graham Gund […]

City Life

State Gets Tough On Animal Abusers By Passing ‘PAWS Act’

A bill meant to protect animals across the state and strengthen penalties against those who harm pets is headed to Governor Deval Patrick’s desk for his […]

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Grampy’s Gas in Beacon Hill Is Gone

After 12 years of false starts, the demolition of Grampy’s Gas is underway. The gas station was nothing special. What the site was known for, […]

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The Non-Compete Stands

Employers advocating for the use of non-compete agreements, which bind workers to their respective companies by limiting the types of jobs they can take on […]

City Life

Rally to Stop Pipeline Through Northern Massachusetts Planned on the Common

In a time when public protests have seemingly become the norm near the State House, environmentalists and elected officials are planning to forge ahead with […]

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Massachusetts Liquor Stores Can Soon Sell Alcohol Before Noon on Sundays

Governor Deval Patrick, who’s wrapping up a final stretch of signing legislation that’s spilling out of the State House doors this session, inked a bill […]

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A Not-So-Nice Day For a Truck In the Park

A truck that allegedly lost control while traveling near the State House on Thursday came crashing down the steps and into the Boston Common, before coming to a […]

City Life

Direct Wine Shipping No Longer Bottled Up in the Bay State

Cheers, Governor Deval Patrick. That’s what wine lovers are saying about the latest developments in the long battle to allow connoisseurs to order crates of […]

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On The Market: 51 Beacon Street, #4, Beacon Hill

For those who want the atmosphere and tradition of Beacon Hill but are looking for something a little more chic, there is an incomparable home […]

City Life

Battle for Ban on Non-Competes Brings Backers to Beacon Hill

A second meeting to discuss a possible ban on non-competes in Massachusetts drew a large crowd at the State House Tuesday afternoon, with supporters of […]