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Real Estate

City Life

House Hunting for Tom Brady

Today TMZ.com reports that Tom Brady is spending big money on real estate in Los Angeles. The website says that Brady dropped $11 million on […]

City Life

Boylston Street Redux

Back in April, I suggested that Ron Druker would have an easier time demolishing the old Shreve’s building than Apple, which had a hellish experience […]

City Life

Money Talks

Every Thursday, Francis Storrs will take you inside the corridors of high-stakes finance and dealmaking. This week: Manny Ramirez has already traded uniforms, but what […]

City Life

More Luxury Apartments. Hooray?

Downtown Crossing ain’t what it used to be. Back in November, Joe Keohane wrote we might as well let the area fall into complete disrepair […]

Arts & Entertainment

Extreme Coverage, Home Makeover Edition

We don’t reap the benefits of being a two-newspaper town only when it comes to the MBTA cutting bus trips or when a convicted murderer […]

The Smart Buys in a Scary Market

We know: Between the topsy-turvy prices and the subprime mess, it’s a real estate nightmare out there. But after grilling dozens of brokers and hundreds of industry experts, we’re pleased to report there are some bright spots for jittery house-hunters (and owners). A road map to 29 neighborhoods and towns that are holding their value, or are poised to be big winners when the next boom rolls around.

City Life

A Condo Development We Actually Like

While we may be up to our ears in student loan debt, we like to dream about owning property someday. One of the main things […]

The Harbor Towers’ Towering Contradictions

A bitter feud over a looming $75.6 million repair job is just the latest strife to befall the Harbor Towers, but the Bostonians who are proud to call the buildings home wouldn’t have things any other way.

City Life

And Now For Something a Little More Upscale

After torturing you yesterday with the techno beats and break-apart screen wipes by Boston’s realtors, we thought we’d take the time to show you a […]

City Life

If You Lived Here, You’d Be Hearing Techno By Now

Boston’s real estate market is not an easy place to do business. Realtors go to extra lengths to attract potential buyers or renters to their […]