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The MacDowell Company is a Weston-based landscape architecture and construction company that has been serving the New England area for over 50 years.

Who started the business and how did you get involved?
My uncle, Roy S. MacDowell Jr., founded The MacDowell Company in 1965, and with assistance from my father, Bruce Sr. and my uncles, Lance and Brian, he grew the business from a small masonry company to a regional leader in the landscape architecture and construction industries.

Along with my brother, Clayton, I have worked in the field nearly all of my life and have always had an affinity for design and a passion for the craftsmanship in masonry. I am proud of being the second-generation owner of the company and continuing the legacy of excellence started by Roy, my father, and my uncles.

Why is the location of your business so important to the success of your business?
Our family has lived in the greater Boston area for many generations and I feel there is something very rewarding about providing quality service to one’s own community. When your business is beautifying the properties around you, everyone benefits—from the property owner to their neighbors to the community.

Furthermore, our familiarity with the area also has enabled us to develop quality and long-standing relationships with town and city departments and officials in the area. They know that we have high standards and will perform our work to the highest quality possible.

Have you ever encountered any challenges in your family business?
Like any business that has been operating for many years, there have been some periods of time that have been more challenging than others. I think the key during these times is to stay focused on maintaining the high-quality standards the company was built upon. Having six loyal and hardworking family members in key positions within the company is where our strength is centered, and I feel this has helped us stay focused on pursuing a legacy of excellence and being successful through changing times.

What’s the best advice that someone in your family offered you?
The best advice I have received is in regards to setting and achieving goals. You hear people talk a lot about the importance of creating objectives, which is definitely important, but what is just as important is creating a realistic action plan to reach those goals and sticking to it. Without a clear and adaptable action plan, it is easy to fall off course.

Ultimately it’s all about perseverance. You must work hard, but intelligently and efficiently, and always stay focused on providing a high-quality product and great experience for the client. Those ideas and principles are what will lead to success.

What does it take to successfully transition the leadership of your company from one generation to the next?
It takes continuation of the principles and core values that made the company successful for so many years; a dedication to our employees, clients, and to being a good community citizen.


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