Single Lady Celebration

Six alternatives to the traditional bachelorette party.

Pedicure photo via Shutterstock

Pedicure photo via Shutterstock

Maybe your idea of a fabulous bachelorette party isn’t flying to Vegas and forgetting your first name. Here are six alternative ways to celebrate your last days as a single lady.

Make scents
Neil Morris Fragrances offers “fragrance parties” for you and up to four of your gals. Visit the Back Bay studio, or book Morris for a house party, and he’ll help you each find signature perfumes from over 700 aromas.

Escape to the Cape
Road trip! Whether it’s just an overnight trip, or a weekend stay, Cape Cod is the perfect place for an effortless getaway. Stay at the gorgeous Chatham Bars Inn, or rent a beach house together. Pack your favorite movies, snacks, and beverages, and enjoy a few days of sun and relaxation.

Get gorgeous
Schedule a day of beauty for you and your girls at your favorite salon or spa. Book massages, manicures, pedicures, and don’t forget to wax. Schedule your outing close to the big day and prep together. Ask ahead to see if you can bring bubbly and snacks, too. Tip: Let the bride go first. That way, she can walk around and chat with others after her treatment.

Lunch or brunch
Don your Sunday best and go to a lovely lunch (or brunch) in town. Spots like Stephanie’s on Newbury and Cafe Fleuri are perfect for sipping mimosas and catching up with your nearest and dearest. Finish up the afternoon with some Newbury Street shopping or a walk in the Boston Common.

Camp it up
Pack your tents, sleeping bags, footsie pajamas, smores, and a cooler full of adult beverages (of course) Reminisce around the camp fire and have fun doing something out of the norm and under the stars.

Invite the guys
Who says you can’t have your last hoorah together? Many couples have the same group of friends making it easier (and more fun) to celebrate as a group. Rent a limo, get all dolled up, and have a chic night out in the city. You can dance, dine, dinner, even visit some of your favorite bars or clubs later in the evening.

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