Can You Guess the Top Day to Get Married in Boston This Year?

A new study has found the best and worst dates to say “I do” in 2020.

best wedding date

Photo via Getty Images/YurolaitsAlbert

If you’re tying the knot in 2020, you’ve no doubt already begun to obsessively check the weather forecast for the big day. If you haven’t chosen a date yet (in which case, hurry!), you may want to check out this study from Los Angeles-based menswear-rental company the Black Tux, which crunched the numbers to determine the best wedding date, and the worst, in cities across the country for the year ahead, including Boston.

Here’s how they did it: First, the team defined the “best” days as having both temperatures closest to 70 degrees and no recent history of rain; the “worst” days are “those with the highest amount of rain and coldest or hottest temperatures.” They then chose 21 U.S. cities and used the Farmers’ Almanac to gather the average daily temperatures and amount of precipitation that occurred on every weekend day over the past five years. With that data, as well as the Farmers’ Almanac predictions for 2020 temperatures, they homed in on the most and least ideal dates to get married this year.

So, the best wedding date in Boston? Saturday, June 27. Not too surprising given the bounty of warm-but-not-toowarm days we experience in June, which is also one of the year’s drier months. June seems to be a great month to get married across the country as well (only second to September for the best month nationwide), and June 27 is the best day to swap vows for Houston, Texas couples, too. If you’re not sold on a June wedding though, August is also a good time to host a celebration in our city. According to the Black Tux’s research, the second-best day to wed in Boston is August 21, followed by August 8 in third place.

Meanwhile, although February 14 might be dubbed the most romantic day of the year, it’s apparently the worst day to get married for Bostonians. It has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day though; it’s due to the high likelihood of frigid temps and abundant snowfall, which is bound to make travel difficult for guests and vendors alike. February 8 and January 4 follow as the second and third most risky days to wed, the study says. For other cities across the country, a similar pattern stands: Almost all of the worst days to wed are in January or February. Still, if you’re dreaming of a winter wedding that’s straight out of a snow globe, have no fear. With a little extra planning (and maybe a pair of Bean Boots in tow, just in case), it’ll be a picture-perfect day nonetheless.

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