Nine Socially Distanced Bachelorette and Bachelor Party Ideas

From dropping off gifts and décor to live streaming an erotic dance class.

socially distanced bachelorette party

Photo via Getty Images/Elva Etienne

Just because COVID-19 has quashed your bestie’s wedding plans doesn’t mean it should rain on their bachelor- or bachelorette-party parade, too. Read on for nine socially distanced ways to make these celebrations extra-special, even from afar.

Play Flip Cup Virtually

Break out the Solo cups for some house-party-style fun. Have everyone log onto Zoom from their own kitchen tables using the gallery view, and split the gang up into two groups (bonus points for the most creative and on-theme team name). Then ask each player to change their usernames to reflect their team names and assigned player numbers so everyone can keep track of the order of operations (for example, player “I Do Crew 1” would begin at the same time as “Boozy Bachelorette 1”). From there, things pretty much play out like they would in person.

Take an Online Cooking Class

If the bride or groom is culinary-minded, head to your respective kitchens, pour out the vino, open up your laptops, and get cooking alongside your posse with the help of a professional chef. Self Up Boston—which hosts cooking classes, parties, and team building activities in and around the city—now offers their activities live on Zoom, where you’ll be taught how to whip up dishes such as mushroom risotto or chicken piccata by Joe Maglio, a former chef at Las Vegas’s Caesars Palace. After you’ve cooked your five-star meals, stay on the video call with each other while you wine and dine the night away.

Screen a Sentimental Video

Have every member of the squad record a quick video clip sharing their favorite memory of the bride, the groom, or the couple. Next, collect the snippets and edit them together in a video to be gifted to the honoree. Ready to really get the waterworks going? Get the bride or groom on a Zoom call with the entire crew, share your screen, and hit play so everyone can watch your creation simultaneously.

Live Stream an Erotic Dancing Lesson

Just about every kind of fitness class has gone virtual these days, and erotic dancing is no exception. Allston-based Boston Pole Fitness allows your crew to sign up and live stream its classes—all taught by professional dancers—online. Options include no-pole-required lessons such as “Sensual Strip Tease” and “Burlesque Body Sculpt.” Open your video call in one window or device and open the live stream class in another so the whole gang can strut their stuff together (ideally using wireless headphones to minimize potential echo). Those who are on the shier end of the spectrum will likely also take comfort in the fact that they’ll be shimmying away in the comfort of their own home.

Do Some Karaoke

Behold the powers of modern technology, which allow you and your squad to belt your hearts out to “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls in unison even if thousands of miles apart. Invite everyone to join both the same Zoom meeting and “room” on Watch2Gether, a free site that’ll let users stream karaoke videos at the same playback rate (a.k.a. no one will sound like they’re hitting that high note two beats behind). Appoint one person to be DJ, and add everyone’s song requests to the Watch2Gether que throughout the night. And remember, duets are always encouraged.

Have an On-Theme Game Night

Adorable and just a little bit provocative games are pretty much a staple of any bachelorette party, and you’d be surprised how easily these translate to video chat. Need some ideas? There’s “Most Likely To” where you’ll all take turns asking questions like “Who is most likely to give their number to a stranger at the bar?” Then, everyone votes for someone on the call by writing their name on a piece of paper and holding it up for the group to see. Of course, the person who receives the most votes must take a sip of their drink. Another option is the “Newlywed Game.” Before the party, ask your friend’s partner to answer a series of questions about their relationship. Then, on the call, pose the same questions to the bride and see how closely their answers match up.

Go Camping

If you’re set on celebrating in person, making your bachelor or bachelorette party a camping excursion is actually one of the lower-risk activities you can plan, provided that you follow a few wise guidelines: Avoid staying on a crowded campground, sleep in individual tents, keep your group small in number, don’t share food or beverages, and wear masks. In the Boston area, we’re fortunate enough to have a number of excellent venues not far from the city including Myles Standish State Forest in Carver, Wells State Park in Sturbridge, North of Highland Camping area in North Truro, and Shawme-Crowell State Forest in Sandwich. Just be sure to do your research regarding specific rules and opening dates for any location you choose.

Have an Outdoor Picnic

Like camping, opting for a low-key picnic in a scenic setting with a small group of pals might be a good option to consider for the coming months, again provided that you avoid sharing food and dishware, stay masked when not eating, and remain six feet apart. As for the setting? A spacious backyard would do the trick, or alternatively consider a more unfrequented park or green space. Simply grab your lawn chairs, picnic blankets, and sunhats, and make a day of it.

Drop off Party Boxes

If you’d rather keep the party strictly virtual but don’t want to scrimp on the festive flair, consider mailing or dropping off party boxes to each member of the squad. Fill these with things you all can use during your Zoom party, such as fun signage and décor, balloons, crowns, and bottled or canned adult beverages. You can also include items that fit within a specific theme or will come in handy for the evening’s activities, such as face masks and manicure supplies for an at-home spa night, or canvases and brushes for a virtual paint night. It’s a sure-fire way to make the experience feel celebratory and shared.

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