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Dart Adams


Dart Adams is a journalist, researcher, and a lecturer who lives in Boston. He is the host of the podcasts Dart Against Humanity and Boston Legends.

City Life

Why I Did the Charles Stuart HBO Doc

And why Jason Hehir’s Murder in Boston: Roots, Rampage & Reckoning matters so much.

City Life

The Real, Essential Backstory of ‘the Embrace’

To some, the Martin Luther King Jr. monument is a symbol of love, unity, and overcoming the city’s racist past. For others, it’s a sign that Boston hasn’t learned anything. But few know the polarizing public sculpture’s true significance.

City Life

A Letter to LeBron James

You’ve said that fans in Boston are racist. I’m here to tell you it’s more complicated than that.

Bill Russell leaping to the basket
City Life

Bill Russell Changed What It Meant to Be an Activist Athlete

The Boston Celtics legend leaves a legacy just as impressive off the court as on it.

City Life

Gone, and Almost Forgotten

At one of Boston’s most famous historical burial grounds, more than 1,000 Black Bostonians were laid to rest in unmarked graves. Their legacy continues to haunt us today.

City Life

A Dream Deferred

For a moment, Boston had a chance to elect its first Black mayor. What does it say about our city that we didn’t take it?

City Life

A Voice Unheard

Black sports stars and comics from out of town often argue that the Hub is America’s most racist city. Many white residents disagree. But guess whose perspective almost no one is listening to? Black Bostonians’.

silhouettes on a movie screen
City Life

Boston’s Hollywood Problem

I’ve spent my whole life living in a diverse melting pot of a city. So why isn’t that the Boston I see on-screen?