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Like Deutsch says, if your front teeth were missing, you would probably work on getting them fixed as soon as possible. This thought process often goes for anything teeth-related, as your smile is generally one of the first things people notice about you. The Greater Boston area is home to many talented dentists who are ready and waiting to help you perfect your smile. Results can be achieved through a variety of methods, with the most popular including whitening, veneers, and straightening, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. “Whether a small restoration, teeth whitening, full mouth reconstruction with implants, or a full smile makeover, we see the positive impact right away,” says Dr. Irays Santamaria, a prosthodontist. Santamaria, who specializes in the esthetic restoration and replacement of teeth, is quite familiar with the positive results that can stem from a new smile.

If you are thinking about beginning your journey on the path to bettering your appearance, your teeth may be a good place to start. Beyond the combined effects a new smile will have on your self-esteem and your physical looks, a smile really can have a huge impact on your life. “Dentistry is the best place to start your cosmetic augmentation and rejuvenation as your smile is one-third of your face…” says Newton dentist Dr. Anna Berik. “Your smile is the first thing people notice. What does yours say?”

As far as smiling in the summer goes, everyone wants to have perfect teeth to show off in photos. Two major procedures that become most popular this time of year, and often go hand in hand with one another, are whitening and veneers, or customized ceramic overlays to cap onto teeth. The purposes of these treatments are to whiten and perfect the shape of the teeth, respectively, and can often give people a more polished, refreshed appearance. “Prior to the summer season, many of my patients are doing whitening and veneers to enhance their smile… particularly the 40- to 60-yearold crowd,” says Dr. Ryne Johnson, a prosthodontist and director of Newton Wellesley Dental Partners. “They seem to be exploring new ways to recapture a bit of that ‘youthful feel’ as they begin to downsize and meet new people in their new settings.” Whitening treatments are also popular, says Dr. Ted Filandrianos, a Newton-based dentist, because of the surplus of weddings that often occur throughout the season.

“Our goal is to blend the absolute latest dental technology with traditional hard work and an absolute attention to detail.”
– Brendon Chiou, DMD, Newton Dental Group

Whitening can be done in a variety of ways, ranging from the do-it-yourself whitening strips to in-office bleaching sessions, but no matter what method you choose, removing discoloration from your teeth can be a slam-dunk rejuvenator, says Berik, which can give your appearance a conservative, subtle boost. Veneers are also a great gateway to having the perfect smile, says Johnson. If done well, they can correct broken or crooked teeth while maintaining a lifelike, durable quality.

When these treatments are administered properly and successfully, the results can have amazing effects on the recipient and those around him or her. Santamaria says a smile causes a release of endorphins, which will in turn create positivity. “An instant feeling of happiness will raise your self-esteem,” she says. “When you smile, you will radiate a positive attitude, creating a positive impact on everyone around you. We see it every day.”

There are also plenty of other procedures available in the realm of dentistry outside of whitening and veneers that can give you that effect Santamaria mentions. Implants, crowns, bridges, and straightening treatments like Invisalign can also aid in the process of achieving that perfect smile you have always wanted. Sometimes these procedures may even be necessary to guarantee a successful outcome.

“Harmony is beauty.”
– Dr. Raffi Der Sarkissian, MD, FACS, Boston Facial Plastic Surgery

When a tooth is compromised, endodontic treatment can provide a durable foundation for restorations, such as crowns and bridges. “Natural teeth provide the best foundation for a beautiful smile,” says Dr. Andrew Bradley, a partner at North Shore and Brookline Endodontics. “Realizing this, dentists are now refocused on the value of saving natural teeth as the cornerstone for predictable long-term success and improved dental aesthetics and function.” North Shore and Brookline Endodontics is a six-office network that specializes in endodontics, commonly known as root canal therapy. Their mission is to alleviate dental pain and save teeth to ensure a healthy and happy smile.


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