Sex’s Greatest Hits: Part 1!

In anticipation of the Sex and the City movie Bostonista will not only be swilling commemorative cosmos, we’ll also be counting down what we consider to be Carrie’s greatest outfits from the HBO series. (And we’d love to hear from you, whether you agree with our picks, disagree with them, or just prefer Smith Jared’s bare chest over any accessory actually involving fabric.)

You’ve been with us all week. Here it is. Carrie’s No. 1 outfit.

1212164145Appeared In: Season 6, episode 88, “The Ick Factor”
The Elements: Raspberry Oscar de la Renta dress, pink-lapelled cropped tuxedo jacket, silver strappy sandals
Why it’s Fabulous: Any number of great outfits could have been at number one—the Dior newsprint dress she wears in season three, the famous Versace mille feuille from season six—but this outfit, perhaps better than any other, perfectly encapsulates the fashion journey of the character throughout the series. From a wild-haired fashion rebel to a timelessly chic fashion icon, Carrie still manages not to be predictable with the addition of the perfect cropped tux jacket, with coordinating pink satin lapels no less.
Try This At Home?: Yes! We strongly advocate the purchase of any dress you should happen to see in Vogue. We also advocate the purchase of said dress by an older, wealthy lover as well.