Reebok's New Crazy (and Awesome) Sneaker

This sneaker's gone viral before it's release, and people can't figure out if they love or hate it.

Reebok sneakerReeboks new sneaker the ATV 19+ has the web on edge. Photo provided by Reebok.

Have you seen Canton-based Reebok’s new sneaker yet? Mashable used words like “nipple-bottomed” and “martian” to describe it and that it “freaked out the Internet” by finding a Reddit thread called “Reebok has lost it”. Well it might look a bit weird, but we don’t think Reebok has lost it at all. In fact, we think this shoe is kind of cool.

Reebok calls the sneaker an “all-terrain vehicle for your feet”. Designed by Bill McInnis, a former NASA-scientist who is currently Reebok’s head of technology, the ATV 19+ ($140; available Feb.1) is inspired by the tire geometry of an ATV. The sneaker features nineteen irregular lugs designed to grip (and rip through) mud, snow, sand, and grass for a smooth running experience on even the roughest of surfaces. The lugs grip the terrain like an ATV would and that will keep you steady on your feet and reduce the chances of rolling an ankle. Just like an ATV, the lugs are wide-set for better stability. The ATV 19+ technology works to grab the most terrain possible with each step, which makes it great for running on any unpredictable surface. It might look funny, but Reebok could be on to something here.

Here is the bottom of the sneaker close up: Reebok's new sneaker

The lugs that make the shoe famous. Possibly a trail runners dream shoe. Photo provided by Reebok.

Want to see the show in action? Here is a video that further explains the design and tech behind the sneaker: