Reebok ZQuick Review: Our Editors Tested the New Sneaker

The ZQuick is a brand-new concept from Canton-based Reebok.

Photo provided by adidas

Photo provided by Reebok

By now you’ve seen the new ads for Canton-based Reebok’s latest sneaker called the ZQuick ($84.98; It’s a cool concept with people running in and out of subway trains called “Race the City.”

This is a brand new sneaker launch from Reebok, not just an updated style of a previous version. And the concept is speed. The lightweight sneakers (the lightest I’ve tried in a while) are supposed to make you run faster. I tried it on an elliptical and a stepper. (Hey, there’s snow on the ground. Don’t judge me.)

I felt great for the first 15 minutes, but did feel some foot pain by minute 17. That said, I never wear lightweight sneakers and my feet are used to super-cushioned soles so that might have something to do with it. The lightweight feeling is not something I was used to, and while it may have been mental, I did feel an extra “spring in my step.” I also have to admit, I loved how they felt on my feet, and I’m excited to give them another go this evening.

The sneakers are inspired by high-performance Z-Rated tires, so it’s meant to “deliver a sports car handling for your feet.” It comes with an internal bootie so you can go sock-free if that’s your thing. Other features include, according to Reebok reps:

  • Inspired by hi-performance tires, Z-Rated technology features a unique outsole geometry for control, traction and speed
  • Light, low profile EVA midsole designed with a radical new geometry for outstanding handling.
  • Radically sliced geometrical sole mimics the tread of high-performance tires for ultimate ground contact for a more responsive ride
  • A sleek new last allows the foot to move naturally, while keeping foot stable on the platform

A senior editor, who also is not used to a light sneaker like this, gave them a test run as well (she’s training for the Marathon) and said that she got a blister. “The back part is pretty high, and it started rubbing my Achilles on mile 3 or so,” she said.

While she liked how light they felt, part of her run was consumed with thoughts of sore legs in the morning. “But they were not,” she said. “My feet did hurt though for a bit, but I got used to it.” However, she’s going to stick with her regular cushioned shoes for her next run.

The sneaker also reignited a long running debate amongst writers here at the mag about shoe colors. I love bright sneakers. It is a fun break from my all black everything attire. I love the pop of color. But not everyone is so keen on the Rainbow Brite sneaker look.

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