B/Spoke Introduces ‘Open Cycling’

It's a unique opportunity to try spinning, minus the instructor.

B/Spoke interior photo provided for bostonmagazine.com

B/Spoke interior photo provided for bostonmagazine.com

It’s hard to keep track of the slew of indoor cycling studios that have recently opened around the city, and the jury is still out on whether this is a bubble waiting to burst or a lasting trend. But one of these studios, B/Spoke, which is located downtown, has just launched a new concept that may set them apart: open cycling.

These days, it seems like many fitness instructors really make the class about them: their music, their stories, their journey. We get it, you’re fit. So, if you’ve got the whole spinning thing down, or, perhaps you prefer to work out on your own, then B/Spoke’s “open ride sessions” could be for you. As an added bonus, the sessions also come along with a discounted price tag.

Beginning Tuesday, September 2, the sessions will take place in between regularly scheduled classes sans instructor. Reps for B/Spoke stress that these sessions are aimed at those “training for races and triathlons” so that athletes can “hit their mileage marks.” But we think these sessions could also be for other people, too—you know, the ones who maybe aren’t triathlon training but would welcome a retreat away from the usual array of indoor cycling classes (read: loud music, flashy lights, instructors who won’t shut up).

B/Spoke has 35 Schwinn bikes, and every ride comes with complimentary bottled water, heart rate monitors, towels, and indoor cycling shoes. There’s also six showers (four female, two male) equipped with products from Aesop, blow-dryers, and hair straighteners.

$15 or $140 monthly unlimited; 101 Federal St.; 617-951-9900; bspokestudios.com.