12 Snap Pea Recipes to Try at Home

Take advantage of the vibrant pea with these recipes.

sugar snap peas

sugar snap pea photo via ulterior epicure/flickr

Stepping into a big box grocery store, it’s easy to think that all produce grows all year round—but that’s hardly the case. In this series, we’ll highlight one in-season produce pick a week.

Nutrition: Snap peas are a great source of vitamin C, vitamin K, thiamin, and folate.

Why that’s important: Vitamin C helps prevent disease and keep the immune system functioning; vitamin K maintains blood clotting and bone health; thiamin turns food into energy; and folate helps the body form DNA and genetic material.

Where to find them: Farmer’s markets across the state, or pick your own.

12 ways to use them:

1. Roasted Cauliflower and Snap Pea Salad
via The Gantzery

The cauliflower and cabbage are roasted in coconut oil, while the snap peas are kept raw. Quinoa provides protein and whole grains.

2. Snap Pea Pesto
via Circa Happy

Using a food processor, this recipe creates a pesto with snap peas, walnuts, olive oil, a small amount of cheddar cheese, and spices. For extra flavor, use sharp cheddar cheese.

3. Wild Rice Bowl with Ramps, Asparagus, and Snap Peas
via A Better Happier St. Sebastian

While the wild rice cooks, the ramp greens, asparagus, and snap peas are sautéed over medium heat. Substitute the butter for olive or coconut oil.

4. Seared Sugar Snap Peas
via Salad Menu

This simple side dish is made with peas, olive oil, sea salt, and garlic. Keep the peas in their pods and if the pods have strings on the ends be sure to cut them off.

5. Teriyaki Salmon Bowls with Snap Peas and Sriracha
via Alaska from Scratch

To balance out this warm salmon and rice bowl, snap peas are used. Use brown rice instead of white rice and if you don’t like spicy food, leave out the Sriracha.

6. Cauliflower, Snap Peas, and Tomato Salad
via Something New for Dinner

A zesty dressing—made out of walnut oil, vinegar, mustard, and garlic—is drizzled over the roasted cauliflower and blanched snap peas. To blanch the peas, boil them for two minutes then place in an ice bath.

7. The Ultimate Green Veggie Bowl
via Food Mouth 

When you’re craving vegetables but don’t want a salad, this green veggie bowl is a great option. Snap peas, zucchini, and broccoli are steamed and combined with pesto. The cheese-less pesto makes this a vegan-friendly meal.

8. Edamame, Snap Pea, and Soba Noodle Salad
via Plated 

Protein from the edamame and fiber-rich whole grain soba noodles create a filling lunch. This salad can be served hot or cold.

9. Purple Snap Pea Slaw
via Kid Cultivation

Perfect as a taco topping or summer side dish, this colorful slaw is a quick and easy recipe. For the most flavor, let the slaw sit for at least 10 minutes after adding the dressing.

10. Pickled Sugar Snap Peas
via First Look Then Cook

Made with fresh ginger, green onions, and rice wine vinegar, these Asian-inspired pickled peas are a tangy snack. Allow the pickles to marinate for at least 24 hours before eating.

11. Sweet Peas Hummus
via My Man’s Belly

Instead of chickpeas, this recipe uses blanched sugar snap peas to make hummus. Serve the hummus with vegetables, pita chips, or add it to sandwiches and salads.

12. Spicy Thai Lime Chicken and Rice with Sugar Snap Peas
via The Cooking Photographer

Chicken breast, lime, snap peas, fish sauce, and peanut butter are sautéed in a skillet for a nutritious meal. To soak up the sauce, the recipe calls for white rice, but for a healthier option use brown rice or wheat noodles.