Think You Can Outrun the Green Line?

Find out at Race the T.

Green Line

Photo by Olga Khvan

If you’ve ever taken the Green Line at rush hour, you have almost certainly wondered, with some degree of despair, if you could outrun—or even out-walk—America’s oldest subway system. This month, you’ll get your chance to find out.

Race the T, a roughly four-mile race happening January 14, will pit a field of runners against the notoriously slow B Line. It’s the showdown frustrated commuters have been waiting for like an express train to Harvard Avenue.

Participants will start at the line’s end point, the Boston College stop. As soon as the train’s doors close, the field will take off toward Blandford Street, the last station before the T heads underground. Anybody who makes it to Blandford before the train opens its doors will officially beat the T.

In addition to providing a healthy outlet for your MBTA-related rage, the race benefits Back on My Feet, a nonprofit that uses running to combat homelessness. Your $20 registration fee, as well as 15 percent of food purchases made during the post-race party at Scoozi, will benefit the organization.

And lest you think this race is just a gimmick, have a little faith in your own two feet. During a similar event in 2014, a group of runners achieved this exact feat. Our advice? Power through the unbelievably plentiful stops around Boston University, and you’re home free.

$20, 1/14, 10:30 a.m. Starts at Boyden Park, 15 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston. Register at