Here Are All the Things to Do Outdoors around Boston Right Now

Maintain your distance from other humans and hike, run, or bike your way through nature.

Feeling an onset of cabin fever? Us too. Head outdoors where the fresh air is plentiful. As long as you maintain a healthy six feet from yourself and your neighbors, you’ll still be abiding by social distancing standards. Now’s a better time than any to grab your bike, head to the park, or lace up your running shoes and appreciate all the things to do outdoors in Boston and the surrounding area.

Photo by Lisa Decotis

1. Get to know one of the Best Running Cities in America on a more intimate level by hitting one of these running routes in Boston, organized by distance. 

North Point Park photo via

2. Or take to one of these hidden gem running routes.

Photo by Matt via Flickr/Creative Commons

3. In search of some additional places not swarming with people? Look no further than these seven tucked away parks around Boston.

Mt. Greylock image via flickr/paradigm10.

4. If you’re looking for somewhere a little more remote, consult our guide to the best New England hikes. You’ll find easy, moderate, and hard routes, plus additional information on whether or not the hike has Instagram-worthy views. 

Photo by Gary Lerude on Flickr/Creative Commons

5. Lucky for us, the first day of spring doesn’t always mean the onset of warmer weather. These hikes have especially spectacular views during the winter time—think stunning ice formations and snow capped mountains. Don’t miss our guide to the perfect spring hikes, either.

Photo via Getty Images/Serhii Sobolevskyi

6. There’s no better way to pass the time than to forget time exists at all. And that’s exactly what it feels like to post up at one of these ponds, lakes, or rivers to fish for the day

Photo credit Erin Bailey

7. With all the gyms closed, make the city your gym. Take this bodyweight only workout and do it anywhere. 

8. Similarly, you don’t need to be a in a yoga studio to strike a pose. Hit one of these spots perfect for down dog or warrior one. 

Tricep workout photo via Living Fitness/flickr

9. Still need some more workout inspo? Consult this list of 20 exercises you can do in a park

Photo by Samantha Carey

10. If you prefer two wheels to two legs, take to these bike paths around the city—given that they aren’t cluttered with other people.