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1199712592Except for the possibility of dying in a fire, we’re regretting not going into firefighting: Boston firefighters who were injured while filling in for a superior can boost their tax-free disability payments by more than $10,000 on average. As you may suspect, many firefighters take advantage of this, even if their injuries aren’t incurred at a fire. [Globe]

The Herald’s got a crush on Obama: Our favorite tabloid seems to have some remorse for not endorsing a Democratic candidate as they dub the Illinois senator a “Barack Star.” Looks like Obama Girl has some competition. [Herald]

She’d also love to buy the world a Coke: City Council President Maureen Feeney has called for a city-wide meeting at the South Boston convention center. The event would bring together neighborhood groups, parent-teacher organizations, and even unaffiliated citizens to talk about the direction of the city. That sounds like it would be really, really loud. [Globe]

Silver and gold: Things aren’t looking good for Mitt Romney. His campaign’s internal polling reflects the national polls that put John McCain ahead of him in New Hampshire, and Romney is prepared to spend more of the kids’ inheritance in Michigan next week. Get ready for the “two silvers and a gold” speech, kids. [Herald]