Our Favorite New England Patriots Players on Twitter

Patriots players

Illustration by John Ueland

Pats players have a combined 2 million Twitter followers—and Tom Brady doesn’t even have an account. While some use their 140 characters to give away tickets, others tweet birthday shout-outs to fans or divulge details of their “ordinary” lives. Below, we sample five players’ accounts to explore the depth and breadth of our home team’s Twitter life.

Rob Gronkowski
1,841 tweets*
Everything is worthy of a Gronk spike for this all-bro, All-Pro tight end!!!
Sample Tweet: “Workout, basketball, pool, lunch, tennis, pool, basketball, baseball, swimming…haha just going all day long!! Letss goo!!!”

Donte’ Stallworth
22,538 tweets
This self-described ambidextrous lefty and peace advocate will weigh in on almost anything—all the time.
Sample Tweet: “You can never go wrong with French Toast OR buttermilk pancakes.”

Zoltan Mesko
1,780 tweets
The Pats’ punter leverages his cult following into support for pet causes.
Sample Tweet: “I’m participating in the N.E. Kids Triathlon tomorrow promoting a healthy lifestyle for kids everywhere!”

Deion Branch
3,360 tweets
This wide receiver wears his love of…just about everything on his Twitter sleeve.
Sample Tweet: “As this wonderful day comes to an end I wanna thank God, My Beautiful Family, My Friends and My Fans for making this possible.”

Wes Welker
943 tweets
The Friend of Brady dishes on such pressing topics as eating PB & Js, but his back-and-forth interaction has helped make him the most-followed Pat.
Sample Tweet: “Spazzmatics were ridiculous! Time to go to bed! GN!”

*Twitter followers and number of tweets as of September 7.