Plum Job


© Rachel Perry Welty; Courtesy of the Artist and Yancey Richardson Gallery

The Gloucester-based conceptual artist Rachel Perry Welty works with everyday things to explore identity and gender issues. For this piece, part of an ongoing series called Lost in my Life, the artist surrounded herself with the stickers found on fruits and vegetables to create an intriguing self-portrait. “The stickers are visual remnants that have their own language,” she says. To design the wallpaper-like background, Welty arranged the labels into a tableau, which she then scanned and repeated using Photoshop. “I am drawn to [the] stickers as material,” Welty says. “They become traces of the objects bought and consumed.”

Lost in my Life (fruit stickers), 2010, 90-by-60-inch pigment print, $15,000 framed, Yancey Richardson Gallery, 535 w. 22nd St., 3rd Fl., New York, NY, 646-230-9610,