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This Brookline Teen Is Building a Tiny House in the Name of Minimalism

At 16, most kids dream of living in a huge house with a pool, bowling alley, and three sports cars in rotation. But the house […]

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Glory Restored Inside a Brookline Victorian

Styling by Janice Dunwoody/Anchor Artists What do you do when you find a sprawling Brookline Victorian on the market? Buy it immediately, of course. That’s the […]


Small Bite: Sip on Tea at Gen Sou En

A new Japanese teahouse in Brookline wants to warm you up this winter.

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Either-Or: A Brookline Townhouse vs. a New Hampshire Manse

Which would you choose?


Brookline High School Students Walked Out to Protest “Vile, Hate-Filled Videos” on Snapchat

They’re hard to watch, and now school officials have promised to do something about them. A pair of videos from Snapchat that appear to show […]

A street with fall foliage and a bench

Brookline Is Ditching the Name “Selectmen,” Now Has a “Select Board”

What’s in a name? According to Brookline, an unnecessary “men.” Brookline’s town meeting on Tuesday voted to ditch the term “Board of Selectmen” to describe the town’s […]

A row of parking meters

Parking Technology in Brookline Leads to Unwarranted Tickets

Getting a parking ticket is the sludge-flavored icing on a bad day cake. But as drivers prove the tickets tacked to their windshields are errant, […]


One Last Question: Can I Let My Dogs Go After the Brookline Turkeys?

Would it be okay to let my dogs go after the Brookline turkeys?


Brookline Looks to Seize Land from Pine Manor College

The 52 bucolic acres that compose Pine Manor College are dotted with historic buildings, leafy woods, and charming dormitories. Not currently included in that expanse is […]

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Spaces: Child’s Play

A Brookline carriage house gets a splash of color in the form of a kid-friendly art studio.


Tom Brady Is Finally Good Enough for the Brookline Country Club

When Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen applied to join The Country Club in Brookline in July 2015, they weren’t welcome with open arms. Members of […]


Brookline Could Call for Donald Trump’s Impeachment Next Month

Some Brookline residents are fed up with President Donald Trump, and they’re fixin’ to do something about it. A warrant article spearheaded by Lisa Kolarik calls for […]


An ‘Aggressive’ Coyote Is on the Loose in Brookline

Police in Brookline are urging residents to stay away from an “aggressive coyote” that is on the loose in the town. They warned about the […]


Does Brookline Have a Problem with Black People?

It all depends on who you ask.

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Cough Up $90 Million and This Brookline Estate Could Be Yours

There are some pretty pricey properties for sale in Boston right now. An outrageous housing market aside, places like this $30 million property on Newbury Street seem to […]