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Old Boston vs New Boston

Boston Is Dead. Long Live Boston.

Once upon a time, we were proud, insular, mean, gritty, corrupt, and great. But as Old Boston is washed away by a flood of rich, tech-savvy brainiacs and finance bros, we’re left asking: Are we losing the best or the worst parts of being Bostonian? And who are we becoming along the way?

City Life

The Battle for Boston

One of the distinguishing traits of great cities is that they’re furiously alive, which is to say they’re constantly changing, and Boston is no different.

Arts & Entertainment

Are You Old Boston or New Boston?

Answer these questions to find out!

City Life

From Brahmin Banks to Silicon Valley 2.0

The Vault has closed for good, the tent is bigger than ever, and a tech revolution is upon us. Banking titan Chad Gifford and cybersecurity star Corey Thomas, president and CEO of Rapid7, take stock of money and power in a new, more inclusive era.


From Chowder Town To Culinary Capital

Acclaimed local toque Ming Tsai and Karen Akunowicz, this year’s James Beard Award winner for Best Chef: Northeast, on Boston’s journey from cream pies to crudo.

Arts & Entertainment

What We Miss About Old Boston…And What We Love About New Boston

Sure, we’ve lost a few things along the way, but the Rose Kennedy Greenway is gorgeous, and we’re not sorry the MBTA got us cell service in the tunnels.

Home & Property

From Blue-Collar Enclave to Million-Dollar Condos

Legendary community organizer Mel King and longtime local Realtor Steven Cohen trace the South End’s evolution, for better and worse.

City Life

From Underdogs to a City of Champions

There are no losers in New Boston, but it wasn’t always that way. Retired Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan and Barstool Sports writer Jared Carrabis, a Saugus native, reflect on half a century of sports history—and what it means to a new generation of tried-and-true fans.