Who's Got More Class Than a Bunch of GQ Hipsters?

By now, we’ve all heard that GQ named Boston the worst-dressed city in America. And we have to admit, the mag has a fair point about “unfortunate coeds” clinging to that eye-gougingly awful trend of leggings as pants long after we were hoping it would go the way of the VHS tape. But most people wear something unfortunate at some point in their lives, and, luckily, it’s as easily forgotten as everything you learned in Baby Bio.

But if you put something offensive on the Internet ― like, for example, GQ‘s declaration that “Boston suffers from a kind of Style Down Syndrome” ― it never goes away. Not even if you delete the sentence from the online version, as the magazine has done without explanation (but not before drawing the ire of advocacy groups across the state).

And you know what? We’re not even that miffed by the takedown ― because while the hipsters over at GQ are poking fun at our socks-and-boat-shoes style, we’re raking in other rankings, like being the most globally innovative city in the world and having one of the best hospitals in the country. You know, important things.

So we’ll keep our pleated khakis and our boot-cut jeans, thank you very much, and we’ll wear them proudly. Because we know where the real bad taste lies.


Marquee photograph by Yuri Arcurs/123rf