For Valentine’s Day, Try a Workout You Can Do Together

Skip the side-by-side workouts, and use each other's body weight as part of your workout.

Couple jogging image via shutterstock

Couple jogging image via shutterstock

There’s a lot of fitness activities you can do with a loved one, but sometimes you need something unique to bring back the spark. Rather than going for a run together, try a workout routine that you can actually do with a partner. This 20-minute Valentine’s Day-inspired couples workout, created by Julie Erickson of Endurance Pilates and Yoga in Arlington, may just give you both the boost you need to have a romantic and fit holiday.

all photos provided by Julie Erickson.

all photos provided by Julie Erickson.

One Legged Squats

Stand facing each other, hands on hips, with one leg extended (the opposite leg for your partner). Keep torsos upright, and press the soles of feet into each other and bend the supporting knee. Do 10 repetitions on each side.


Alternating Lunges

Assume a lunge position, right leg forward, left leg back. Set a timer for one minute. Start timer and switch off lunging. Keep switching and count your number of lunges. Try for three minutes.


One legged pushups

Start standing back to back and roll down, hands to the floor. Walk out to a plank position and lift one leg to match partner’s opposite leg lift. Press the soles of lifted feet together and lower into a pushup position. Try 10 repetitions on each side.


Side Planks with Kicks

Come into a side plank position facing each other. Lift the outside leg to hip height and one partner stretches the top leg forward as the other stretches their lifted leg back. The legs are reaching in the same direction. Do five repetitions in each direction and switch sides.


Medicine Ball Throws

Stand with legs wider than your hips, and pull the medicine ball back behind your head while extending the upper spine. Engage your abs to protect lower back. Throw the ball to your partner using the abdominals initiate the throw. Aim for your partner’s chest. The partner catches the ball at chest level, absorbing throw. Do 30 repetitions.


Medicine Ball Twists

Sit down next to one another with legs extended, sitting about three feet apart from each other, facing away. One partner holds the medicine ball and twists away first, then throws the ball as hard as possible to your partner who catches it, and twists the ball away. Do 30 reps.