How to Deal with Ticks While Hiking

Tips for thwarting the ubiquitous sesame-seed-size parasite.

Tick photo via iStock

Photo via iStock

Block the bite. When you tuck long pants into socks and wear long sleeves, ticks won’t be able to get a grip.

Ditch the black. It’s easier to spot the little suckers on light-colored clothing.

Season to taste. Use an EPA-approved repellent with DEET on all exposed skin, including the face and neck.

Channel your inner primate. Once indoors, throw a tick-checking party with a loved one: Search the scalp and everywhere else, including under the arms, between the toes, and behind the ears.

Show some pluck. If you do discover an unwanted passenger, use fine-point tweezers to remove it. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol or soap and water.