B/Spoke Is Pedaling into Wellesley

The cycling studio is expanding from Downtown Boston to the 'burbs.


B/Spoke Wellesley. / Photo Provided

After months of anticipation, B/Spoke Studios has officially opened a new location in Wellesley.

This is the second permanent location for the popular indoor cycling studio, in addition to its seasonal outpost on Cape Cod. The new, nearly 6,000-square-foot flagship studio boasts 50 custom-designed bikes, a retail shop, state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, showers, and fully stocked locker rooms.

More perks are on the way in Wellesley, including a “new and fresh approach” to cross-training, and an “amenities lounge” for guests.

“At B/Spoke, choosing to sweat, eating healthy, and staying fit isn’t just a 45-minute daily task, but a way of life,” co-owner Mark Partin says in a statement. “Newcomers to our studio will find that we use fitness as a way to inspire, push people to achieve their goals, overcome adversities, and create broad, holistic change in their lives.”

Like the Downtown Boston studio, the Wellesley location will offer 45-, 60-, and 75-minute cycling classes, and follow a pay-as-you-go class format. Newcomers to B/Spoke can get a free first ride at either location, now through April 15.

B/Spoke, 50 Central St., Wellesley, bspokestudios.com.


Photo provided


Photo provided