Take a Look inside L.L. Bean’s Newest Location in the Seaport

Your one-stop shop for all things outdoors opens its first urban storefront in Boston.

L.L. Bean inside kayak display

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Greg Elder, vice president of retail at L.L. Bean says the company looks for three things when deciding on the location of a storefront: an enthusiastic customer base, good proximity to outdoor resources, and dynamic energy in the location.

You can put a check next to all of those boxes for L.L. Bean’s newest location, and first urban store, in the Seaport. Roughly 9,000 square feet, the store is small by Bean standards (most stores range from 15,000-25,000 sq. ft.), but is a portal to all the adventures that surround Boston and a welcome invitation to the great outdoors. The store offers everything from outerwear to hiking gear, and features a wall decorated with their iconic Bean boots.

“You just look outside and people are running with their dogs or paddling in the channel,” Elder says. “It was a no brainer to open a store here where people are so enthusiastic about outdoor activity.”

Elder says the small space is advantageous because it forces them to curate an assortment to what people who live and work around the area actually need. So instead of offering large home products, they opted to carry products that enable people to get out and enjoy the outdoors, like town-to-trail gear, layered jackets, and paddleboards and kayaks. Also offered in the store is a customizable lace bar, which has only been previously offered in their mobile selling unit, where customers can choose different color laces for their Bean boots.

The store comes as part of a trio of stores the company is testing out. A college store that will be opening on the Yale campus during early summer and a tourist destination store opens in Park City in the fall.

“The reception we’ve gotten from the community and neighborhood here in the Seaport has been great,” Elder says. “We’re excited to continue the celebration into this weekend’s street party, which we’ve never done before, as a way to give back to the community.” Also of interest: Their famous Bootmobile will be on site for all your picture-taking needs.

Hopefully there will be signs of spring, he says with a laugh. “But as we always say, there’s no such thing as bad weather as long as you have the right outerwear.”

Lucky for L.L. Bean, we may just have to run to the Seaport to stock up on more outerwear to get us through what feels like the third month of January.

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