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High Protein Diet Linked to Lowered Blood Pressure

The fat, carb, and sugar diet debates will most likely rage on for centuries to come. That’s because it seems like every week a new study […]


Raw Food Diets Pose a Health Risk to Pets

For humans, raw food is the diet du jour. For pets, it’s a major health risk—and one growing more common. Virginia Sinnott, an emergency care […]

City Life

Note to Pedestrians: The Car Always Wins

We here at Boston Daily like to solve problems. Oftentimes we use nuanced debate to accomplish this goal. Other times, there is no easy consensus. […]


Liquid Diet: How ’Bout Them Apples?

Quench your thirst this fall with New England’s top heritage ciders.


The Best Food Instagrams of the Week

Welcome to our weekly series where we round up the most appetizing foodstagrams, droolworthy drinks, and cool insights into local #cheflife. Want to be featured? Use […]


Should You Go Gluten Free?

For most, this is not toxic. (Photo via Thinkstock.) From the way that gluten free foods have popped up in every corner of the supermarket […]

City Life

Cambridge Finally Requiring Its Cabs to Take Credit Cards

No, this isn’t a Throwback Thursday. As of April 1, 2015, the Cambridge License Commission announced Wednesday that all Cambridge taxi cabs must be able to process credit […]


Doctor’s Lawsuit Over Medical Aid in Dying Takes Important Step Forward

Earlier this year, a retired physician from Falmouth named Roger Kligler penned an emotional essay for Boston, explaining his decision to sue the state of Massachusetts […]

Conversation Ready: Rethinking Care at the End of Life

  A pioneer member of the Conversation Ready project, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is developing new ways to reach out to patients, and record, retrieve […]


New Insights into Pregnancy and Autism

Most experts agree that autism, a condition affecting 1 in 88 children, is likely due to a complex mixture of genetic factors and environmental exposures […]

City Life

Confessions of a Moll: A Boston Gangster’s Long-Time Girlfriend Speaks

When Shirley Grispi walked into a room, heads turned. Lots of them. But on that day in 1969, when the fit, tanned knockout strode into […]


Real Weight Loss: Sarah Quina

Through numerous knee surgeries, raising her two-year-old daughter, and studying to be a dietitian, Sarah Quina has been able to maintain her 200-pound weight loss […]


What I Eat: Around the World in 25 Diets

An image from the Museum of Science’s Around the World in 25 Diets. (Photo by Peter Menzel.) Have you ever wondered how the American diet, […]

Dieting and the Dress

Once you’ve whittled down your waist, will the dress still fit? To make sure it does, tell your seamstress or dressmaker that you’re planning to […]

The No-Deprivation Diet

Two local pastry chefs dish on how to keep your figure during cake-rich showers, engagement parties, and bachelorette binge fests.