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How to Get Started on the Mediterranean Diet

Inspired by the eating habits of Greece, Southern Italy, and Spain in the 1940s and ’50s, the Mediterranean diet is a delicious, low-carb way to […]

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Ask the Expert: Do Diets Even Work?

Our society is steeped in diet culture. We’re constantly being sold on a diet plan to help you “shed 10 pounds” or a workout routine that […]


If David Ludwig Is Right, Everything We Thought We Knew About Obesity—and Low-Fat Diets—Is Wrong

If one Boston doctor is right, everything we thought we knew about obesity—and diet—has been wrong for decades. But it’s not too late to change our eating habits.


Study: Do Low-Fat Diets Work for Weight Loss?

With a new food tied to health risks seemingly every day—this week’s processed meats news comes to mind—it may seem like an all-lettuce diet is […]


The Case To End Dieting Forever

The Mediterranean diet. Atkins. Juicing. Low-carb. Low-fat. There are so many diets out there, too many. And one UMass professor wants to let you know […]


This Year’s Diet Trends: Are They Good For Your Health?

Every month there seems to be a new diet book on shelves or a new diet trending on social media. In the past year alone […]


Was the Atkins Diet On To Something?

Diet image via Shutterstock. The Atkins fad has come and gone. Although the popularity of the controversial diet surged in the early 2000s, the low-carb […]


Greening Your Diet

Ever since Al Gore made An Inconvenient Truth, it feels like every day is Earth Day. We’ve been better about recycling, have tested out the […]


A Cure for Type 2 Diabetes?

Kim Shepherd didn’t tell her husband of 34 years where she was going when she hopped in the car three years ago and drove an […]

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Debunking the “Keto Crotch” Conspiracy

Earlier this month, my social feeds were flooded with reports about something called “keto crotch.” The ketogenic diet—a low-carb, high-fat eating plan—has been labeled a […]