Evolve Residential Principal Josh Linder Designed His Own Home Office

See how he channeled his creativity into a moody space in Bay Village.

Photo by Sean Litchfield

Evolve Residential principal Josh Linder just may be at his most creative when designing for himself. For proof, consider the office he dreamed up for his Bay Village home. “There were no limits to my imagination because I knew it was going to be for me,” Linder says. “I could get a little wild without reservation.”

Striving for a spacious workspace with plenty of functionality, the designer began by devising a white-lacquered desk with curved sides and legs sourced from famed British designer Ashley Hicks. “I wanted [the desk] to appear as [sculptural] as possible,” Linder says. For storage, he selected a pair of antique Biedermeier cabinets—ideal spots to stash papers on the weekend.

This juxtaposition of contemporary and vintage elements set the tone for the rest of the space. The red velvet on the regency desk chair adds a dramatic pop of color, while custom Pierre Frey graffiti-print upholstery punches up the “Stiletto” ottomans from 1stdibs. “I tend to pull together an eclectic mix [of pieces] that’s not representative of any period,” Linder says. “It puts soul into the space.”