On the Market: That Eye-Popping Pink Gingerbread House on Martha’s Vineyard

To know this Oak Bluffs vacation cottage is to love it—and now you can buy it.

the pink house 1

Photos by Kyle Neyer

25 Butler Ave., Oak Bluffs
Price: $850,000
Size: 697 square feet
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1 full

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There’s no shortage of glamorous summer homes on Martha’s Vineyard, which makes sense: It’s been a vacation destination since the 1800s, when local Methodists used to set up tents there for outdoor worship meetings. Believe it or not, these tents actually paved the way for some of the Vineyard’s most beloved homes today—the so-called “gingerbread houses.”

While the 318 cottages in the Martha’s Vineyard Campground aren’t the largest on the island, they most undoubtedly have made the most Instagram appearances, thanks to their fantastical color saturation and delicate wooden trim, often bringing to mind a literal gingerbread house complete with icing. Or as one former cottage owner told us, they’re like “piece[s] of birthday cake.”

Now one of the island’s most popular cottages is for sale: “The Pink House.” Not to be mistaken for the Pink House in Somerville, this bubblegum-hued home has a magenta trim that also matches the color of its signature Gothic-style front doors. Additionally, it also comes complete with a front picture window overlooking the street and a stained glass window adorning one of the bedrooms.

Inside, the home is equally rosy. Listing photos show the owners (who bought the place for $635,000 when it was last for sale in early 2021) added pops of pink throughout, from the accent pillows in the white-walled living room to blush-toned appliances dotting the tiny kitchen. And because the fairy-tale residence is being sold fully furnished, the buyers will get the chance to enjoy this thoughtful continuity of the house’s color scheme.

Since this abode was built in 1870 and was designed to mimic Methodist tents, the place isn’t exactly flush with space. (The living space itself is about 700 square feet.) However, with its brick patio and surrounding garden, the backyard more than make up for the cozy quarters, as does the front-facing balcony (a signature of these types of homes)—and the sheer joy one would get from waking up in a place that’s so deliriously cute.

For more information, contact Kyle Neyer, Tea Lane Associates, tealaneassociates.com.

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