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Anti-Racism Boston

heather white trillfit

Heather White Called Out a Major Real Estate Developer for Its All White Fitness Lineup. They Listened

Heather White is temporarily running her boutique fitness studio, TrillFit, from Belize entirely on her phone. She’s there visiting family and, in the sweltering heat, […]

"Slave Narrative of Willie Mae"
Arts & Entertainment

How to Honor Juneteenth in Boston This Weekend

Each year, Juneteenth commemorates the end of Black slavery in the United States—specifically, on the anniversary of June 19, 1865. Although Abraham Lincoln signed the […]

City Life

How Has Boston Gotten Away with Being Segregated for So Long?

When Sheena Collier moved here from Atlanta 16 years ago to pursue a master’s at Harvard Graduate School of Education, she was looking forward to […]

Arts & Entertainment

The Re-Education of the Museum of Fine Arts

On a drizzly afternoon last spring, Makeeba McCreary was lingering over a cup of coffee while catching up with a colleague at the Museum of […]

City Life

The NAACP Convention That Never Came to Town

Edited by David S. Bernstein Keynote Address Deval Patrick Former Massachusetts Governor America is a country built on aspiration, a nation reaching for the ideals […]

gavel and pile of money
City Life

Who’s to Blame When a Violent Offender Gets Bailed Out?

When Shawn McClinton was released from jail in July, according to police, the twice-convicted rapist didn’t waste much time before he struck again. Awaiting trial […]

City Life

Who’s Gonna Take the Weight: Mo Cowan and Being Black in America

You may think you know something about me, but I want you to really know who I am. I am an executive at a Fortune […]

four people at a business meeting
City Life

Five Cross-Cultural Etiquette Tips for Doing Business in Boston

Boston is considered one of the most culturally, ethnically and racially diverse cities in the United States. Thanks to its status as a center for […]

City Life

7 Steps for Becoming an Anti-Racism Advocate

In the midst of this very painful moment for America, one of the few bright spots has been the large majorities of people across racial […]

Shot of a fitness group working out together in a gym

Ashley Mitchell: Boston Wellness Is White-Washed. Now Is the Time to Be Better

Participating in boutique fitness is like visiting the Land of Oz: It’s a mood. The lights are low, the music is loud, and your instructor […]


How to Make Sure Your Anti-Racism Work Is a Lifelong Endeavor

The last few weeks have seen a fever pitch of activism, protests, and fundraising across Boston and beyond in support of the Black Lives Matter […]


Nine Black Fitness Professionals in Boston to Follow on Instagram

As protests for the Black Lives Matter movement continue to happen throughout the Boston area, there are many ways you can support the Black community […]

talking to kids about police brutality
City Life

How to Talk to Your Kids about Boston’s Police Brutality Protests

As a parent, you’re probably fresh off the heels of having challenging conversations with your child about what it means to live in a world […]

City Life

Here’s Where to Donate to Support the Black Community in Boston

Not all of us can head out to the many protests taking place across Boston this week, whether because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, or […]