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Boston Planning and Development Agency

City Life

Can This Man Blow up City Development without Destroying Boston?

On a chilly morning last April, some of Boston’s most successful developers descended on Beacon Hill’s storied Francis Parkman House for an invite-only reception held […]

City Life

The BPDA: Paved and Confused

Like a scene out of The Departed, a pinched old white man in a black jacket leans across the passenger seat of a car to […]

Home & Property

Can Boston’s Apartments Possibly Get Any Smaller?

I think I must have stubbed my toe on a piece of furniture nearly every day of my freshman year at Simmons College. Navigating around […]

City Life

Jonathan Greeley Is a Man With a Plan

For the past four years, I’ve run the division of the Boston Planning and Development Agency that focuses exclusively on development, so I spend most […]

michelle wu
City Life

Michelle Wu Wants to Take a Wrecking Ball to the BPDA

Much like the Boston Redevelopment Authority a half century ago helped raze Boston’s vibrant West End, City Councilor Michelle Wu says it’s time to smash the […]

City Life

The BPDA Made a Spellbinding Interactive 3D Map of Boston

Boston’s Planning and Development Agency this week released a stunning 3D map of Boston that apparently includes every one of the city’s tens of thousands of buildings in interactive, multicolored […]

City Life

Boston’s City Council Just OK’d the Winthrop Square Tower

As expected, Boston’s City Council has lent its approval to a deal that would let a gleaming, 775-foot tower rise in Winthrop Square and cast new […]

City Life

Divisions Deepen over the Winthrop Square Tower’s Shadows

As critical votes loom on the future of a tower in Winthrop Square that would darken part of Boston’s two best-known parks, divisions on Boston’s […]

City Life

The Back Bay Station Towers Are in the Spotlight Over Shadows

Amid Boston’s building boom, another skyscraper plan is spurring controversy over the shadows two towers would cast on the city. This time, the shadow showdown is over […]

City Life

The Shadow-Casting Winthrop Square Tower Is Taking a Step Forward

The controversial plan to build a new tower in Boston that would cast shadows on Boston Common and the Public Garden has been updated, and […]

City Life

BPDA Approves “Plan JP/Rox” Amidst Protests, Police Presence

The Boston Planning and Development Agency board voted Thursday to approve Plan JP/Rox, a controversial set of guidelines governing development in a 250-acre area comprised of Forest […]

City Life

Go Check Out This Crazy Accurate 1:40-Scale Model of Boston

If there’s ever a time to live out your kaiju fantasies, now’s your chance. The Boston Planning and Development Agency is opening its model room to […]

City Life

Millennium Partners Astroturfs Public Meeting on Winthrop Garage Project

The battle over shadows encroaching on the Common saw a new proxy war develop at Thursday night’s public meeting on the Winthrop Square garage project: […]

City Life

General Electric’s Fort Point Headquarters Gains BPDA Approval

The Boston Planning and Development Agency has approved General Electric’s plans for a Fort Point headquarters, bringing the gleaming, photovoltaic-veiled structure—and chairman Jeff Immelt’s vision […]

City Life

Open Meeting Law Complaint Shuts Down Meeting about GE

Ah, the Open Meeting Law complaint. There are few tools in a protester’s tool box more effective at embarrassing decision-makers than the state’s rules on […]