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John Kerry

boston book festival copley square
Arts & Entertainment

The Top Five Things to Do at the Boston Book Festival

The annual Boston Book Festival is coming up right around the corner on October 13, and the event has only gotten bigger since its debut […]

City Life

Donald Trump Criticized John Kerry for Trying to Preserve the Iran Nuclear Deal

John Kerry is batting third behind Elizabeth Warren and Mitt Romney on the baseball team made up of New England politicians President Donald Trump doesn’t like. […]

City Life

Sources Close to John Kerry Deny Jerusalem Post Report

So, there’s been some news about John Kerry this week. If a scandalous report—which came from the Israeli outlet Maariv and was published in the English-language Jerusalem Post—is to be […]

City Life

John Kerry Compared Donald Trump to OJ Simpson

John Kerry, whose political muzzling during his tenure as Secretary of State is now decidedly over, used a potent analogy when he sat down with NBC’s Meet […]

Home & Property

John Kerry Is Ditching Nantucket for Martha’s Vineyard

What is perhaps America’s fiercest ultra-affluent island rivalry is heating up once again. The pride of Nantucket himself, former Secretary of State John Kerry, is […]

City Life

John Kerry Will Speak at MIT

Secretary of State John Kerry is headed to MIT on Monday, where he plans to give a speech on climate change and other topics in […]

City Life

John Kerry Will Return to Boston After Trump’s Inauguration

John Kerry will soon return to his Beacon Hill brownstone. The Secretary of State told the Globe he intends to return to Boston after President-Elect Donald Trump’s […]

City Life

Pro-Charter Group Hires Ad Firm Whose Swift Boat Campaign Helped Sink Kerry

As the debate over charter schools ramps up in Massachusetts, groups on both sides of the issue are preparing to inundate you with ads. Public […]

City Life

John Kerry Is Northeastern’s 2016 Commencement Speaker

Beacon Hill resident and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will deliver North­eastern University’s 2016 com­mence­ment address at TD Garden, where he accepted the Democratic Party’s […]

Arts & Entertainment

John Kerry Doesn’t Think He Could Settle the Taylor Swift Kanye West Beef

Secretary of State John Kerry is used to brokering deals between parties that have a lot of bad blood, however, even he doesn’t think he […]

Arts & Entertainment

John Kerry Thinks Taylor Swift Would Be a Better Secretary of State Than Gary Busey

If it was up to Secretary of State John Kerry, he’d much rather have Taylor Swift take over his job than Gary Busey. The former […]

City Life

Nine Things President Trump Will Never Do Because John Kerry Did Them

Update: November 3, 2016 A year and a half later, with five days before Election Day, Donald Trump is still using this line. Trump mocks […]

City Life

Which Massachusetts Politicians Have Smoked Weed?

In 1990, the Boston Herald published a collection of admissions from Massachusetts politicians who had dabbled in recreational marijuana, titled “Pols Who Have Gone to Pot.” The […]

City Life

John Kerry’s Week of European Rockstardom Is Over

The fun’s over for John Kerry. It is well-known that Kerry coveted the Secretary of State position before receiving it during President Obama’s second term, and […]

City Life

Swiss Newspaper Thinks John Kerry Is Super Dreamy

John Kerry is irresistible, you guys. His handsome suits, bevy of thick hair, and Beacon Hill townhouse that he so boldly avoided shoveling are enough […]