Julia Child

Julia Child, with shellfish, on an episode of "The French Chef"

Stream Episodes of Julia Child’s The French Chef Courtesy of WGBH

Weekend plans: binge-watch vintage episodes of The French Chef, and maybe embark on an epic cooking adventure, to pregame what would be Julia Child’s 106th […]

Paul and Julia Child, Marseille, 1950

This New Photo Book Is a “Visual Extension” of Julia Child’s Memoir

How Julia Child spent the 1950s in Europe is well-documented—she published Mastering the Art of French Cooking right after that time, for one, and her […]


A New Book Applies Julia Child’s Sensibilities to Modern Kitchen Design

Six-foot-two frame aside, Julia Child is a towering figure in American home cooking. As the country’s first celebrity chef, she showed housewives—and their sons—just how much joy […]


An Update on La Pitchoune

An update on La Peetch.

La Peetch

Meet the Smith College Alumna Who Bought Julia Child’s France Home

UPDATE, April 5: Dreaming of a summertime jaunt to France? La Peetch announced today it’s been quietly accepting reservations via AirBnB for June and beyond. PREVIOUSLY: […]

Julia Child French kitchen

Julia Child’s Home in France Is for Sale

Fans of Julia Child have been able to “visit” her Cambridge, Mass. kitchen—the setting of her public television show Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home—since she […]


Two Tasty Tributes to Julia Child

Puritan & Co. Puritan & Company’s Will Gilson and Alex Saenz, along with a few of their chef friends, will offer guests a taste of […]