Alyssa Vaughn

Staff Writer

Alyssa Vaughn is a staff writer at Boston. A St. Louis native, she moved to the East Coast to study English at Boston College. She currently lives in an apartment perfectly bisected by the Cambridge/Somerville border.

City Life

Scenes from a Disaster: Today’s Surprise Orange Line Shutdown

That was fun.

City Life

Here’s NOAA’s First Guess at What Winter Has in Store for Boston

Don’t give away your parka just yet.


Stephen King Is Turning His Home into a Museum and Writer’s Retreat

Get the draft of your new horror novel ready.

City Life

The Wildest Scenes from New England’s Bomb Cyclone

Bombogenesis struck again, with downed power lines across the region.

City Life

One of the Bridges Closed for the GLX Will Reopen Early, But There’s a Catch

There’s always a catch.

jasiel correia
City Life

Jasiel Correia Steps Back, but Remains Defiant: It’s "Not An Admission of Anything"

The Fall River mayor is facing extortion charges.

ed markey steve pemberton joe kennedy
City Life

Senate Candidate Drops Out, Blasts Democratic Party for "Blacklisting" Challengers

City Life

Providence Columbus Statue Splattered in Blood-Red Paint

It’s not the first time the statue has been vandalized around the Columbus Day holiday.

City Life

Salem Horror Fest Changes Venues after Dispute over Political Commentary

The show must go on.

mindy kaling
Arts & Entertainment

Mindy Kaling Says She Had to Battle the Emmys for an Office Producer Credit

The Television Academy denies she was singled out.

Guests play with one of Purr Cat Cafe's resident kittens during opening weekend

The Brighton Cat Cafe That Launched an All-Out Facebook War Appears to Have Closed

We’ll always have the memories.

City Life

Expect Some Potential Flooding, Transit Interruptions, and Strong Winds for the Rest of the Week

Enjoy your October nor’easter, everyone.

City Life

As Two Nonprofits Feud, Disabled Workers Are the Ones Losing Out

WORK Inc. and the Greenway Conservancy recently ended a 10 year partnership.

vaping crisis

Massachusetts Announces First Death from Vaping Illness

There have been 18 deaths nationwide from the vaping-associated lung problem.

City Life

What You Need to Know about Richard Neal’s Whistleblower Investigation

Can the Mass. rep. steal the spotlight from Adam Schiff?