Drop Into One of These Bootcamp Classes in Boston Right Now

If you're looking for the most bang for your buck when it comes to exercise, look no further than a bootcamp class, like Barry's Bootcamp. Here are 10 bootcamp classes in Boston.

bootcamp classes in Boston

Burnin’ by Ray / Photo provided

You’ve tried your hand at barre, you’ve done plenty of Pilates, and yet none of these seem to satisfy you anymore. If this sounds familiar to you, it could be time to try out the next great challenge in the world of workout classes: the bootcamp. These classes generally consist of some combination of intense cardio intervals and strength training, and yes, they do tend to be pretty difficult. But rest assured—as with most forms of exercise, as long as you stay focused and maintain your form, bootcamp classes can provide a suitable workout to students of any fitness level. Here are some of the best places to go for bootcamp classes in Boston.

Burnin’ By Ray

Ray Peleckas is shaking up the way Boston sees fitness with his patented low-impact, high intensity group fitness classes utilizing motor-less cardio machines (think: Jacob’s ladder, versa climber, and the curve treadmill) paired with a stint on the strength training floor. Each client that walks through the doors receives extensive diagnostic testing with machines like the Bod Pod that measure your body fat percentage, fat mass, fat free mass, resting metabolic rate, and total energy expenditure so that you can ensure your meeting your goals. And the new location in the Seaport is definitely worth a visit. With its white chrome lockers, disco lights, and a juice bar, you actually won’t want to leave the gym. Or as Peleckas calls it: the “un-gym.”

Multiple locations, burninbyray.com


This local gym chain aims to bring convenience back to your workout, and it does just that with long hours, plenty of equipment, and skilled trainers. GymIt offers two tiers of bootcamp classes, Bootcamp Blue and Bootcamp Pro, both of which use high-intensity interval training utilizing body weight movements and free weights to provide a full-body workout.

Multiple locations, gymit.com.

OneNation Fitness

OneNation Fitness may focus primarily on CrossFit, but that doesn’t mean its bootcamp class is anything to scoff at. The gym’s signature One-X Boot Camp is a high-intensity hour of your favorite exercises and equipment, with designated warm-up and cool down periods included. The program is meant to be fast-paced, engaging, and fun above all, so show up ready to work and you’re bound to have a great time.

Multiple locations, crossfitonenation.com.

Barry’s Bootcamp

Let’s face it: We all knew Barry’s was going to make it on this list. The fitness franchise, with a new location in Back Bay, has found a formula that works, combining intervals of cardio and intense exercise with strength training to create a scientifically superior workout. Barry’s Bootcamp students reliably burn more calories than they would in a traditional workout, and can even raise their resting metabolic rate by up to 15 percent. No wonder people keep coming back.

Multiple locations, barrysbootcamp.com.

Evolve Bootcamp

Evolve Bootcamp is a functional outdoor fitness program that runs all through the year, rain or shine. So if you want the intensity of a bootcamp while still getting some fresh air, this is the class for you. Evolve’s classes also feature some of the most extensive line-ups of exercises out there, incorporating everything from dynamic stretching and kettlebells to martial arts and obstacle courses.

Location varies depending on season, evolvebootcamp.com.

Beantown Bootcamp

Beantown Bootcamp is one of the longest-running bootcamp programs in Boston. It distinguishes itself with the sheer variety of classes it offers, with outdoor and indoor classes depending on the season and six different bootcamp programs for you to try. Each one offers different exercises and intensity levels. Drop-in classes are just $25, so you can try a few programs out to find the one that’s right for you.

90 Canal St., Boston, 617-259-6955, beantownbootcamp.com.

Burn Fitness

Burn Fitness has a pair of boutique fitness studios in the Back Bay and South End, both of which offer a signature bootcamp workout called Burn Camp. The specific program changes with every instructor, but it’s sure to include a combination of challenging cardio drills and strength training in intense intervals. Your first class at Burn will cost you just $15, so you really have no excuse not to try it.

Multiple locations, burnfitboston.com.

Boston Fit Body Boot Camp

Boston Fit Body Boot Camp is the perfect place to fit in a quick bootcamp class with a personal touch. Each session here lasts only 30 minutes, so even those with the most jam-packed schedule can find a time to visit. Boston Fit Body also works with each student individually to establish a set of goals early on and maintain accountability so that those goals are actually achieved. If at the end of 30 days you feel you’re not meeting your goals, you get a full refund, no questions asked.

24 Cambridge St., Boston, 617-337-3738, fbbcboston.com.

Lynx Fitness Club

If you want to give bootcamp classes a shot in a more high-end environment, Boston’s newest luxury fitness boutique Lynx Fitness Club is the place for you. Lynx offers a whole slew of classes, but its bootcamp program is particularly challenging, using circuit training intervals to give you a full-body workout focused on building serious strength and endurance. Lynx’s bootcamps are in extremely high demand, though, so plan ahead to make sure they don’t fill up.

64 Arlington St., Boston, 857-990-3785, lynxfitnessclub.com


This boutique indoor cycling chain has made quite the dent in the Boston fitness scene since opening its first location in 2013. With five studios open around the city, Turnstyle is ready to prove that a bootcamp class doesn’t have to be all kettlebells and burpees. Turnstyle offers challenging, music-based bootcamps led by motivating instructors who work to see every student succeed. New students can even try their first three classes for just $29.

Multiple locations, turnstylecycle.com.