Everything about New Boutique Terma Goods Was Chosen With Intention

Terma Goods, a Dedham boutique of curated curiosities, pampers your body, soul, home, and even your dog.

Unmarked leather backpack, $425, Hampui Hats “Birds of a Feather” wool-felt fedora, $350, Captain Fawcett playing cards, $20, and the Five Clouds amethyst mala beads, $65, all Terma Goods. / Photo by Bruce Peterson

For Betty Riaz, opening Terma Goods—the new lifestyle boutique she co-owns in Dedham—doesn’t just mark the end of her 11-year hiatus from retail; it signifies a fresh start.

Back in the early 2000s, Riaz had attained hard-to-reach fashion stardom in Boston as the owner of Stil, a trio of women’s clothing boutiques. Then the economy fizzled—and so did her stores. Not to be deterred, she switched gears, focusing her attention on the yoga studio she launched in 2009 with her now-business partner Kevan Gale. “Yoga was my sanctuary,” she recalls. Still, retail is in her roots. So when Gale suggested they open a store, Riaz was willing to take another shot.

Tucked in a historical red-brick building in Dedham Square, Terma Goods—which made its debut downstairs from the newly relocated Stil Studio in November—greets visitors with a decidedly vintage vibe (think: an old-timey cash register, a red Persian rug lining the hardwood floor, moody cast-iron light fixtures). But there’s nothing yesteryear about the merchandise other than standing the test of time. “We want quality goods—things you could pass on,” Riaz says. Gale agrees. “We choose products based on three criteria: We would buy it ourselves, it’s made to last, and it becomes more meaningful over time.”

The selection, complete with everything from Fido-friendly bandanas to aquamarine-accented earrings, doesn’t disappoint. Oak shelves brim with candles and incense, while other displays boast leather-and-suede backpacks from Sturdy Brothers, Hampui feather-adorned hats, and skincare products (handcrafted in Boston) from Aeemelia. “We carry as many handmade products as we can,” Riaz says. Adds Gale, “There’s a mindfulness to it. The products are more meaningful and [you know] the makers care.”

So do the shop owners. Everything about the new boutique—right down to its name, which means “hidden treasure” in Tibetan—was chosen with intention. “We wanted this store to reflect our values,” Riaz says. “I feel very fortunate to be able to have this precious opportunity to start again.”

Betty Riaz and Kevan Gale stand proudly in their new boutique, Terma Goods, where every item is chosen with intention. / Photo by Mona Miri

Things We Love

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1. Escentric Molecules “Escentric 01” fragrance, $165.

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2. Wxy “Bergamot Oil + Bamboo” candle, $45.

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3. Aeemelia face oil, $48.