It's Finally Happening: Pot Shops Cleared to Open in Massachusetts

The first can open their doors on Tuesday.


When to Drive (and When Not to Drive) on Thanksgiving


Are We a Sanctuary City, or Not?


The Ultimate, Comprehensive, and Accurate Ranking of Bears in Boston

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Let’s Just See What the Aliens Have to Say

MIT wants to fire a laser beam into space to attract aliens. Sounds good.


Roxbury Polling Place Shut Down Briefly for a White Substance in an Envelope

A hazmat response closed it briefly before it was determined to be baking soda.


Rachael Rollins, Criminal Justice Reformer, Is the New Suffolk DA

Promising a shift in how crime is prosecuted in the county, Rollins beat independent Michael Maloney.


Mass. Votes Yes on 3

Voters decided to keep legislation protecting the rights of the state’s trans residents.


Voters Turn Down Question 1, Rejecting a Hospital Shakeup

The union-backed effort to set new mandates for nurse staffing levels has failed.


Election Night 2018: Live Midterm Results So Far

The latest on the top races as results come in.

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From senators eyeing the presidency to a mayor ruling over a changing city, here’s what our politicians are up to.

Fundraising Program Gives ‘Hope for the Holidays’ to Families Affected by Cancer

Fundraising Program Gives ‘Hope for the Holidays’ to Families Affected by Cancer

Family Reach helps families keep their spirits up during the season of giving.

Presented by Family Reach

Charlie Baker speaks at the 2018 State of the Commonwealth

Baker Coasts to Victory and a Second Term

In what might be one of the least competitive races in the country.


Elizabeth Warren Wins. She’s Still Your Senator, For Now

She brushed off a challenge from Geoff Diehl. Now what?


In Other News, Harvard Says Interstellar Object Might Be Alien Spacecraft

Cool, cool.


Election Day 2018 Has Arrived in Massachusetts

A pair of ballot questions, a Senate race, and a long-shot challenge to Charlie Baker take center stage in the midterms.


The Impossibly Perfect Life of Sager Kopchak

The Boston social climber had it all—including a secret that would cost her everything.



Marijuana legalization, healthcare changes, and all the other referendums shaking up Mass.

High-End Homes: Check Out the Luxury Condos Changing South Boston

High-End Homes: Check Out the Luxury Condos Changing South Boston

Can’t wait to see the new construction at the Broadway T station? Check out these photos for a sneak peek of the 14 West luxury condos opening this summer!

Presented by City Point Capital 


Not A Fan

Boston is probably the greatest sports city in the world. But what if I don’t care? 


Bluebikes Is Offering Free Rides on Election Day

You’re invited to "Bike to Vote" this year.


How Southie Responded to Hateful Graffiti at Tynan Elementary

Police are still searching for whoever scrawled racist messages on the school in spray paint.


"We’re Massholes, Not Assholes": A New Pro-Question 3 Ad Stars a Foul-Mouthed Bostonian

He’s standing up for transgender rights, kid.

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