Infusion Furniture’s Bowfront Console Table Elevates a Staple

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infusion furniture

Photo courtesy of Infusion Furniture

To create a stylish space, no detail—large or small—can be overlooked. This is especially true when it comes to pieces like consoles. Their functionality is why they’re up against a wall in the first place, but forgoing taste on the living room staple is never a good idea.

The simple elegance of Infusion Furniture’s bow front console table proves that small details can go a long way. The Shaker-inspired piece makes use of construction elements in its design. Slim, rectangular joints remain visible on its edges.

“To turn the structural joinery that you need into a visual detail—you’re kind of killing two birds with one stone,” says Quentin Kelley, owner of Infusion Furniture.

He handcrafts furniture in his Milton workshop, creating timeless pieces with a modern edge.

“I try to take it in a more modern direction all the time, but still maintain some sense of traditional woodworking and joinery,” Kelley says.

The slender console table has visible joinery on both the inside and outside of its legs. The joinery goes all the way through the leg to the top, fusing practicality with a classic design detail. And as evident in the piece’s name, the console’s bowed front emphasizes its simple but sophisticated layout.

“Those front edges taper so you get those subtle curves when you look at it,” explains Kelley.

These two basic design choices—the joinery and the rounded surfaces—elevate the shelf from a run-of-the-mill console to a striking piece of furniture.

The bowfront console table at Infusion Furniture, 15 Channel Center Street #409 Boston,

infusion furniture

Photo courtesy of Infusion Furniture