Put a Ring on It

(Tiffany setting | Image courtesy of Tiffany & Co.)

You’ve been saving and waiting for the right moment. Now it’s time to find the ring. Who better to help than Tiffany & Co.? I spoke with Jennifer Sciolto, director of the Boston store, about the ins and outs of one of the biggest shopping trips you’ll ever take.

Where do I begin?
“It depends on the individual. Most of the time, they want the proposal to be a surprise. But, sometimes we have couples come in together so they can get a feel for what their fiancé is going to love,” Sciolto says. Once you’ve decided if the ring will be a surprise, or something you choose together,  you can start looking for inspiration.

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How can I find out what ring my partner would like without asking?
Look for clues on her Pinterest boards, or take a stroll past a jewelry store and see what catches her eye. You can also ask her what she thinks of a friend or family member’s ring. If all else fails, let one of her family members or friends in on the secret and see what they can find out.

How many visits does it take?
“We’ve had clients come in who woke up that morning and decided, ‘I’m going to propose tonight,’ and they will come in and buy a ring that day,” Sciolto says. “Sometimes it’s a decision that evolves over time. Perhaps it’s not one visit with a sales professional, maybe it’s two or three because they want to look at a number of rings.”

Is two months of salary still the going budget for a ring?
“I haven’t really heard people mention that as much anymore,” Sciolto says. She says that many people come in with an idea of what they want to spend — “it’s something they’ve been saving for and they tend to have a number in mind.”

Do I have to go with a basic diamond ring?
A diamond set in a simple but iconic Tiffany six-prong setting is the most popular engagement pick at the Boston location, Sciolto says, but “if someone wants something more unique, they’re going to choose a yellow diamond.” The Tiffany”Soleste” ring (below) is just one example:

(Image courtesy of Tiffany & Co.)


How do I find the right (well, left) ring size?
Sneak a ring from her jewelry box and find the perfect fit with the free Tiffany iPhone app. No size? No problem. Sciolto explains that you can always bring your fiancée in after you’ve popped the question to have the ring fitted properly: “All of our rings can be made to fit… I think sometimes that’s a big relief.”

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