How to Look Better in Photos

Tricks from the catwalk on taking off those pounds the camera can add on.

Bride posing while her groom is shooting with an old camera via Shutterstock

Bride posing via Shutterstock

Having all eyes are on you is one thing. But when those eyes are looking through camera lens, that poses (pun intended) a problem. You want to look amazing in every shot. Every single one.

With a full day of staged smiles on your horizon, you’ll wanted to be prepared. We asked Suzanne Keck Martignoni, a former model with a proud background of catwalk shoots for Armani, Versace, and Chanel, as well as Boston’s fashion and beauty scene. Here are her top tips on being picture pretty and how to look thinner in photos.

  • Always face directly into the light. This minimizes shadows and odd shades on your features.
  • Don’t squint. If it’s sunny out on your wedding day (which, of course, it will be), do the one-two-three trick. Close your eyes or look down, then when the photographer counts, open your eyes or look up on three. That way they’re wide open—and not sun shy—for just long enough to grab a great shot.
  • Elongate your neck by sticking your chin slightly forward to minimize double chins and neck lines. But just slightly. If you drop your chin too much, it’ll also create dark shadows under your eyes.
  • Never turn your head too far to the side while looking over your shoulder. If you must have this angle because your dress has a to-die-for back, drop your shoulder and push back to pull skin down and elongate the neck.
  • To minimize a thin, broad smile, pull your bottom lip down further than normal to create the visual of a fuller mouth.
  • If you have chubby cheeks or you don’t find your jawbones showing enough in photos, here’s a trick to use when you’re not smiling or only grinning: Open your teeth three or four millimeters in your mouth while still keeping your mouth closed. This will draw your cheeks in, drop your jaw more, and make your face appear slimmer. Stretch your neck out simultaneously to avoid a double chin.
  • Never purse your lips. This makes your mouth look tense. Leave the duck face for another day.


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